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 the world's first adjustable eyeglasses for distance without a prescription!

New prescription glasses are expensive and can take forever to be ready. With , you can have perfectly customized eyeglasses in a matter of minutes, and all at an affordable price! Getting your vision back has never been easier. Simply use our included eye chart, adjust the left and right eye using the inconspicuous control knob and you’ll be able to see crystal clear again. Enjoy your favorite TV show or browsing the store with the World’s First Adjustable Eyeglasses. You can switch from long distance to reading glasses with the simple twist of a knob. Stop wasting your precious time and money and get the stylish and durable  Adjustable Eyeglasses today. 


The Real Ugly Truth about Glasses 

Glasses can cost between $50- up to $1000 or more, but the most difficult part is finding frames that best fits you and your style. What must people don't know is that the biggest price you pay is for middleman services, not the material used to create them. Many people buy expensive luxury glasses from big brands based on what is trending now. If you don't have the perfect vision you know the pain, expanse, and struggle of picking out new glasses. We understand your pain, and offer affordable exceptional glasses for you today! 

The Last Glasses You'll Ever Need!  

Continuously adjustable magnification for a more crystal clear vision

Turn the dials to adjust for distance or reading instantly

Using sliding lens technology it delivers customizable focus control by adjusting each eye independently with the turn of a dial for that customized prescription ability.

ready to use in less than a minute for when and where you need them.

Great as spare eyeglasses in emergency situations

✔20/20 vision, fully adjustable (-6D to +3D)